As someone who has always craved creative expression, Simone began her jewellery design journey whilst overseas in the USA and for the past 16 years has evolved her initial designs into her signature range available today. It was her unique wooden and Swarovski embellished creations that captured the imagination of the fashion savvy in Perth (the design that started it all!). A move with her family to Melbourne in 2016 triggered a new chapter. Dedicating a year in the studio, Simone explored and refined techniques to expand her designs through the three mediums she loves best - beading, textiles and fine jewellery.

The result?.....

Her 2017 online debut showcases her signature style of intricate, modern beading, fashion-inspired textiles and gorgeous fine jewellery. Handcrafted and assembled in her studio just outside of Melbourne, Simone's pieces feature combinations of Swarovski elements, gemstones, Miyuki, fabrics, threads and fine metals. Fuelled by her love of nature, colour, fashion and interior design, each of her jewellery ranges are different and capture a unique spectrum of her personality - fun and whimsical, refined and delicate, organic and earthy!

Simone invites all women to bring their own personality to the pieces - wear them with confidence and love.

Inspired design for every woman. 

You will know a Simone Platt piece when you see one - whatever your style!

Welcome to Simone Platt Design 

Simone xx