Product Care Guide

Each piece is individually handmade and assembled by Simone in the Studio. Applying the appropriate care for your piece is essential to ensure its longevity & beauty. Because Simone works with an array of mediums, specific care instructions are provided for each of her ranges. 

Furthermore it is important to understand that Simone's ranges are very delicate, so please be aware they are vulnerable to breakage in scenarios where they can be prone to being knocked or damaged.


For all pieces, always remove your jewellery when:

Sterling Silver & Gold are beautiful metals but they can lose lustre and shine over time. You will receive a complimentary polishing cloth which removes dust, finger marks (not tarnish) as part of your purchase.

Gold fill: Simone chooses to use 14K gold-fill for many of her fine jewellery pieces. Gold-fill won't rub off and exhibits the shine & wearability of solid gold (but more economical)! 

Gold-plated/palladium-plated: Simone uses plated Miyuki beads for some of her pieces. Plating involves a thin layer applied over a base metal. Miyuki are renowned for their quality but as with many plated items, the plated metal can wear/deteriorate over time, so please wear and store very carefully and follow the GENERAL and BEADED JEWELLERY RANGE section on this page for information.

Sterling silver: Is a beautiful metal but can lose its lustre when not worn for an extended period of time or if stored/worn inappropriately. Gently polishing with an anti-tarnish polishing cloth is a great way to help restore the metal to its beautiful, shiny state.


Simone packages her fine jewellery pieces carefully so you will receive each piece in its most shiny, shimmering state.

Simone Platt Design packaging boxes are for presentation and not recommended for long-term storage.


Necklaces: The Shapes & Silhouettes Collection features necklaces of an extremely delicate and fine nature. In order to prevent 'kinks' in the chains, upon receiving your piece, remove the chain from the pouch & finely smooth the chain with your fingers.

Earrings: Drop or Chandelier earrings - best stored flat or hanging from a jewellery stand. Polish regularly to ensure shine and care.

Beaded Jewellery

This jewellery range is particularly delicate. Love them gently! Beading demands extreme intricacy but is an earthy, organic style of creating. A such, please do not expect absolute straight lines or manufactured precision. Embrace the handwoven nature of these pieces, knowing that a machine or metal casting simply cannot create the same organic feel.

Bead weaving incorporates industry strength threading material but still demands gentle use. Do not pull the weaving or apply pressure/pull on the connecting points (i.e. where metal and weaving interconnect) as this will weaken the strength of the piece and make it more vulnerable to breakage. 

Simone weaves with tiny Miyuki and other small beads, resulting in pieces being lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. As a result, they are not rigid and can be manipulated. If you wish to adjust the earring back into  symmetry, lightly and gently press between two fingers to restore their intended shape. Please do not harshly or forcefully pull.

Wood & Textile Jewellery

Simone's textile range is designed to be fun and innovative. Material-based & wooden jewellery are beautiful but require special care. Store separately and not with other jewellery pieces as they will snag/tear the material or dent the wood used. Necklaces are best stored flat or hanging from a jewellery stand. 

Fine Jewellery

Incorporating fine metals, Miyuki & Swarovski elements this range echoes refined elegance and beauty and as such, benefits from gentle care & wear and proper storage. Please see above in the GENERAL section for the best way to store and care for this range.